Nine9 TheUnagency is a dynamic talent services company that is altering the representation of models and actors is done in the entertainment industry. Nine9 was launched in 2003 by successful entrepreneur Anthony Toma, who currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Nine9 was started in response to an urgent need within the entertainment industry: 99 percent of all actors and models are not represented by any talent agency. What Nine9 does is provide aspiring actors with the support, tools, and opportunities that will help them to have successful careers and what Nine9 knows.

Since its launch, Nine9 has become a renowned pacesetter in castings all over the country. The Unagency has a dedicated staff with unparalleled experience in talent management, client relationships, and bookings. They also use innovative technology such as digital media, to market talent, as well as match them with new opportunities and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Anthony Toma certainly has experience in leading successful ventures. He has a number of profitable entertainment, retail and service-related businesses under his belt. He has also previously worked with numerous movers and shakers in entertainment and uses these connections to open new doors to aspiring talent.

In a recent interview, Toma admitted that he got the idea for Nine9 from a time when he was in the grocery business and searching for food-related franchises. In the process, he discovered acting and modeling franchise in Orlando, which he ended up acquiring. This enabled him to learn the business and expand his franchise ownership to 26 across the country and Nine9 of Twitter.

Unfortunately, the franchise went bankrupt after a few years. However, Toma was able to take his knowledge and experience to develop a similar venture in 2003. This business’ name was Coral Reef Productions Inc., which conducts its business as Nine9 today and more information click here.

Toma credits the success of Nine9 to an innovative idea, great company organization, and use of social media platforms as marketing, networking, and advertising tool. He advises budding entrepreneurs to be forward-thinking, pay attention to emerging trends, learn new skills regularly, and be conversant with emerging technologies in their fields. With such visionary leadership, it is confident that Nine9 The Agency will remain successful for a long time.