In 2003, Nine9 opened its’ doors to all seeking to get a foot in the door of the entertainment industry. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan it specializes in providing training and developmental resources for a variety of genres of talent. In little over a decade, it has expanded its operations to include twelve offices locations in major city hubs throughout the United States. The Nine9 organization utilizes the latest searchable database technology, qualified industry professionals, and contacts to realize the dreams and ambitions of both talent and talent seeker clientele alike.

The business philosophy of Nine9 is a unique one; it does not limit the aspirations of its talent to a rigid set of opportunities. Nine9 is a commission free organization of industry professionals that has become definitively known as the ’UnAgency’. It facilitates its’ clients in whatever genre of entertainment that they desire to pursue. Boundless opportunities are made available through a variety of means for the talent they represent. Nine9 talent can peruse a database of entertainment industry contacts in real-time “ranging from television and film to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional castings and gigs.” Talent seekers can quickly find the specific talent based on detailed professional evaluations and descriptions.

Nine9 clients are pleased with the endless opportunities made available to them.

Siohbon E. from North Carolina says, “Within a week Nine9 got me two movie auditions…I am so excited and ready for success!”

Klayrese R. from New York said, “Nine9 helped me to stretch and develop my artistic strengths.”

Dieunoosha B. from Florida declared, “Nine9 has given me a great opportunity I am so grateful to have them be there for me. They are helping to fulfill my dreams.”

There are hundreds of success stories borne out of Nine9 ‘The UnAgency’ Talent Services Organization.