Some things may seem to have gone out of style a long time ago, but there are some old clothing styles that are becoming popular again. Here are some of them, according to Bright Side.

One is the suede miniskirt, which was very popular in the mid 1970s. These are skirts made of suede or of imitation suede. They are short and are often go together with sandals. Besides suede miniskirts, suede shorts are also being worn by women in various cities across the United States.

Overalls are actually making a comeback as well. They were popular in the year 1973. Various styles of overall skirts, made from various kinds of materials, are being seen the streets again.

Then there is the knitted tunic. Tunics were usually handmade, and everyone in the 70s had them. Some people are finding them fashionable these days as well.

Jeans are also popular, which should come as no surprise. However, there are various styles of jeans. One kind of style that used to be popular is the high waisted jeans that are baggy. They are sometimes called mom jeans, and young women now seem to take a liking to them. Flared jeans is another kind of jeans that seem to be enticing young people, but this kind of style has been coming and going all the time. Then there are the wide leg pants, which are regular pants that are baggy and have wide legs.

T-shirts have always been popular as well. However, more and more people are starting to wear t-shirts that have interesting and funny pictures or designs on them. This, too, was once more popular.

White lace blouses are extremely old fashioned, but they are being worn again in 2017. They are indeed very pretty. You could probably find one of the above styles in your mother’s old wardrobe.