Due to the continued rise of hacks and external threats in the security world, having a strong security system in place to protect user data is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, creating more secure systems has often also made them harder to access. One company that is continuing to advance its ability to provide strong security measures to its clients in OneLogin.

OneLogin is a company that aims to simply the ability to use identity and access management systems. They currently provide their services to thousands of customers across the globe and are continuing to grow due to its reputation of helping clients to keep information safe while also provide a streamlined approach to accessing systems. Today, the company uses its innovative single sign on system that allows a user to sign on using an electronic signature that makes it easy to access a system while also ensuring that all records are kept secure.

In recent months, the company has started providing its services to Envoy, which then uses the product to allow it to provide a more streamlined approach to building security systems. Envoy provides a check in service to front desks of hundreds of different community and office buildings across the country. Historically, they have been able to provide a better solution than the tradition written log book. Now, using the partnership between OneLogin and Envoy, building owners are able to use a system that allows a visitor to check in with an iPad.

This new approach provides a range of benefits to the business owner. One benefit is that it allows for a better system for linking approved visitors. Tenants in the building can now automatically send in a list of visitors, which will be linked to the iPad system. This provides a visitor with less time ensuring that they are approved to enter the property. Furthermore, it provides the building security system with the ability to better keep logs of visitors. In the event that a record needs to be pulled, the building will be able to quickly identify when a visitor entered and left the property.

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