Vintage denim looks are definitely among the most classic and timeless, but finding vintage denim that fits you and flatters you can be difficult. You can check out vintage stores that specialize in denim, but these stores can be expensive, and they’re usually shopped to death by hordes of eager denim-seekers. Your other option is to try to find gems in thrift stores, but this can take quite a while, and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be able to find a vintage denim piece that both fits you and is in the style that you’re looking for.


That’s why it’s great news whenever a new line of denim is released that’s produced with the same attention to quality and detail, as well as high quality materials, that makes vintage denim so prized. Because of this, the new Rigid Re-Release collection from famed vintage-style denim brand Frame has had the fashion community buzzing. Frame is widely known for its high quality denim, produced in the United States with top grade rigid denim.


There are a couple big advantages to buying new vintage-style denim over actual vintage, especially when it’s from a high-quality brand like Frame. First, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find denim that fits you, which is never a guarantee when you’re looking for vintage. Second, and perhaps most important, you’ll be able to break in your denim yourself to make it truly yours.