To be successful in this life, you need to set goals and work hard towards achieving them. Life gives everyone an equal opportunity to excel provided that you do not give up. Regardless of your background, you possess much potential to excel regardless of whether you get educated or not. Marc Sparks is one man that depicts a life worth living. Although Marc was not able to go to college like many of his friends, he has made good use of his abilities to make something worthwhile out of his life. Despite the odds, Marc Sparks has risked it all and emerged victoriously.


One quality that has made Marc Sparks become an enviable businessman, philanthropist, chain entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist is his passion of pursuing an idea no matter how crazy it might seem at the time. Over the years, Sparks has created many companies from the ground up and sold some in the process. Although some of Marc’s startups have failed, he has never lost faith or faltered. Timber Creek Capital is just but one of the corporations that Marc Sparks has retained over the years.


As a man heavily entwined in the telecommunication industry, Marc has been able to take up an active role in the affairs of Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless, and Splash Media. Despite Marc Sparks being a poor performer in school, he has created the kind of life we would all love to live one day. In spite of his successes, Marc Sparks has remained a humble man.


Mr. Marc, out of his good heart has gone the extra mile of authoring a book entitled, ‘They Can’t Eat You,’ to show people from all over the world how they can succeed in life regardless of their academic performance. Through the book, Marc shows the world how he was able to create something meaningful out of nothing. In the book, Marc Sparks outlines how you can make use of ‘Fifty Sparks’ to create your path to success.


If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is the man to approach. Provided that your business proposal fits the bill, Marc Sparks is always ready to finance your idea. Using such an approach, Marc has been able to uplift the lives of people who would otherwise have given up in life if they had not found a willing venture capitalist. Other than business, Marc Sparks is a devoted philanthropist. While living in Dallas, Texas, Marc has put his wealth and influence to support organizations like the Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Can! Academy.


From the preceding, it is proof enough that we all have the potential to succeed provided that we believe and work hard towards achieving our dreams. If Marc Sparks gave up as a young man, he would not be able to inspire the millions of lives he has touched to date. Learn more: