This spring a new clinic for family practice is opening at The Summit Mall in South Reno. The clinic will be through Renown Health care and it will provide services in primary health and will serve as a medical laboratory. There is the possibility of the clinic extending its services to other areas of health related care in the future.

Explained in a telephone interview with the medical director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, the clinic’s setting is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting setting for those who seek medical services as the location. Dr. McCormack further explained that Renown Medical Group wanted the waiting area inside the building to look like a patient’s living room. The office’s space will also make room for any meetings that need to be held between patients and the staff in order to discuss treatment options and other medical details in a private space.

This South Reno based clinic will start with a staffing of 11 professionals. Currently, the clinic is looking to add at least one more primary care physician and a nurse to the location in the near future. As a whole, the clinic branches out to 10,000 ft and takes up three vacant storefronts in size.

Renown Health care currently has 12 main locations built in areas throughout Reno-Sparks. Other areas include Carson City, Fernley, and Fallon. They’ve also opened up another location as of late, a primary health clinic in the area of Caughlin Ranch. Serving as Reno’s only non-profit and locally owned for healthcare network , they are an important commodity for the local community’s circulation of currency since all earnings made with the company stay local.

Since Renown Health has no out of state shareholders or private owners living out of state, they have the irreplaceable ability to concentrate on helping the growth of the communities in which their locations are stationed. Since local money stays local, as a local, you will have say in how that money is spent. Currently, more than 150 local residents of the area serve on the Renown board or in advisory level positions to learn more: click here.