Rick Smith has a long and successful history in the telecom industry and currently serves Securus Technologies as the CEO for the company. He remains current on the latest technology and is one of the main reasons Securus has become the best technology company to use when placing calls from a prison. Individuals in prison spend time speaking with their families and friends on a daily basis and due to the hard work of Rick Smith this has become easier.Securus Technologies is certified to send calls in the prion industry. Their technology ensures todays calls are much clearer than in the past because of the way they include technology into helping families and friends reach the people they love. A large number of individuals place calls to prisons on a daily basis to talk to their loved ones.

Rick Smith’s introduction of video calling into the phone system used by Securus has changed the industry. Now people can actually see the inmate they are calling with the use of this new system. Securus has started using video cameras they have installed into the prisons so this type of call is possible. Rick Smith firmly believes a visitation experience is enhanced when an inmates friends and family are given the ability to actually see their loved one.Prisons are simply not allowed to receive calls made from any phone line. Rick Smith has established partnerships within the industry that result in Securus receiving phone calls on a daily basis. Companies want them to start taking more calls so they can be of service to even more inmates. They want more individuals using their service to improve visitations with children, families, and friends. There are a lot of people with an interest in the lives of the inmates.

Rick Smith maintains a vision for the future that is well respected due to the sheer number of families he has helped speak to a loved one who has been incarcerated. His vision is to see Securus expand until they are serving every prison in America. To make this happen he is willing to invest in the necessary technology that will make every single prison easier to reach.Securus Technologies is continuing their growth because Rick Smith faces any challenges he sees with the dedication and determination of a true businessman. Anyone who is placing calls to a prison in America needs a quality company such as Securus. This will ensure their calls with their friends, children, and families are of a superior quality. When they speak with the person they love they will quickly discover how easy the next call is when they use either Securus or their app. This is due to the support and expertise of Rick Smith and his amazing staff.