Rodrigo Terpins has the sport of racing in his blood and his passion comes from his father Jack Terpins. The two men have much in common including their passionate natures for sports and the fact they have both become successful entrepreneurs. Rodrigo Terpins has become well-known for his participation in numerous rally tracks all over Brazil and he is a tough competitor to beat. His father was a dedicated basketball player when he was a young man and became known as Jackao.

It was in the 1960’s and 1970’s when Jack Terpins was a basketball player for Hebraica. He has two sons, Rodrigo Terpins, and Michel Terpins, and is currently an investor in real estate. He is a community leader in the field of sports and defends the youths who have a passion for sports. He has served the Latin American Jewish Council and the Chief of Sports as President. He has additionally served the Macabi World Union as their Vice President. He has shown dedication, passion, and commitment in every role he has filled and it has become obvious Rodrigo Terpins has inherited these characteristics every time he competes in a rally.

Rodrigo Terpins has already achieved a lot in the Sertoes Rally. This is the largest off-road rally event anywhere in Brazil. The rally consists of several states, seven stages, and 2,600 kilometers. The Bull Sertoes Team is one of the finest in the competition and their results have shown incredible promise. Rodrigo Terpins is in the Prototype T1 category and his overall rankings have been significant. He is pleased with the achievements he has made and finds the rally a delicious and pleasant ride. He enjoys the hard specials he must endure and the competition of his adversaries. He spoke of all the equipment his team had to use and gave his team an amazing rating. Rodrigo Terpins is an excellent sportsman and a force in the Bull Sertoes rally. Follow his Facebook page