Sawyer Howitt is a millennial entrepreneur who knows what it takes to help other young entrepreneurs establish themselves as reliable and effective business people. Studies show that most millennial’s, today, start their businesses in their 20’s while the baby boomer generation started their businesses generally at the age of 35 and older. The age gap created between these two generations can cause some friction, but age 20-something entrepreneurs can do some things to avoid ageism.

First off, many employers look at age and experience as well as career history as the most important things. Millennials will have to work hard and smart and not be tenuous about sharing their accomplishments. To do this, 20-somethings will need to market themselves much better. For example: if you are good at what you do, let people know that. Be sure to always remind your employer of your accomplishments during reviews and give them updates about wins you have had. Also, be sure to not act like you know everything; this will set you up to take a fall. Instead, it is best to demonstrate that you can overcome the odds when working in unfamiliar territory.

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Persistence in the face of low odds or in the presence of people who have years of experience can pay off also. Millennials will benefit by being able to demonstrate statistics that show how they can be useful to their organization according to To go along with this, you can show your worth by demonstrating that you can be even more useful that an older employee who has years of experience. If you are younger, you might be able work at a moments notice because you don’t have a family to worry about, you might be more proficient with technology, or you might have more energy.

The Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group is an advisory and business acceleration firm that offers up a suite of different services for young entrepreneurs. Whether you are building a startup, needing help with growing your already established business, or looking for fresh capital to fund your next venture, the diverse offerings at Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group can get you going. The personalized service that they offer gives millennials the freedom to pick and choose which services best suit their needs based on

The Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group was founded in 2004 and is full of entrepreneurs, lawyers, and corporate executives who are waiting to help younger entrepreneurs with distribution, brand development, licensing, and mergers and acquisitions. Sawyer Howitt have helped countless people to-date and are always looking for fresh new talent to help out on their journey. With award winning service as their hallmark, millennial entrepreneurs will greatly benefit from their guidance.

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