The Las Vegas market for HVAC service is always in high demand and Goettl Air Conditioning which has been growing its presence there has working to reach more customers in that area. They now have several more contractors that have added customers and resources to their company including Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air who recently announced they had merged with Goettl. Stephen Gamst, Las Vegas Air company owner had known Ken Goodrich of Goettl for many years and saw a great opportunity to work with him and add members to his team. Goettl now has access to more commercial customers while Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air have more residential jobs.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since the 1930s in the greater Phoenix, AZ area though they’ve now begun growing it to the greater Las Vegas area. Goettl has made choosing the right air conditioning and heating systems for their customers a top priority and doesn’t just pick the biggest air conditioning units for maximum cooling. All servicemen and contractors have gone through rigorous training and possess the knowledge and experience needed to address all problems. Goettl is always on call for its customers and arrives promptly when there’s a problem.

Goettl has been selflessly giving of their time to make life better for Las Vegas families. This last summer they visited the home of an elderly man whose air conditioner had quit and caused him to suffer from heat strokes and heart problems. Together with the Sunny Plumber, Goettl went to work on the air conditioner and repaired it for free. Similarly they repaired the heater of a family that couldn’t afford to keep their house warm in the winter free of charge and helped reduce their heating costs almost in half. You can find out more about Goettl on their Facebook page.