Everyone has dealt with loud neighbors at some point. It is extremely annoying when all you want to do is get a good night’s sleep, but the people next door are having a loud party. Buzzfeed has some advice for you: Get a sleeping machine.

Basically, here is what a sleep machine does: It produces noise that is soothing, calm, and which will help you fall asleep. You can drown out the noise of your neighbors by playing this soothing noise. Many sleeping machines are really cheap, costing sometimes just around twenty dollars. They usually come with a variety of noises that you can choose, including calming white noises that calm your brain. Other noises include those that imitate a stream, those that imitate a rainforest, and so on. If you like the sound of rain or thunder, you can have that as well.

You can even bring a sleep machine with you to hotels. They are usually very small and easily fit into a small suitcase or briefcase. To make sure that you get a good sleep machine, you should always read online reviews on Amazon.

Another idea is to get a sleep machine for your dog. Sleep machines can help pets fall asleep as well, as it can help calm them down and reduce their stress. You can also get the machine if you simply do not want to sleep in a very silent room. This is especially useful if you sleep alone or you live alone in an apartment. Sometimes, too much silence can get eery. These machines are usually powered by batteries or by an AC adapter that you can plug into your outlet.