Jason Halpern is the principal and chief executive officer of JMH Development, a business devoted to state project investment. Located in New York, they have raised over $500 million for houses and apartments in the downtown area. One of their largest projects was the redesign of a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. They plan to expand to Miami and the western coast soon, and judging by their success over the past twenty years, such an expansion should be successful. When they approach real estate, both parties benefit due to the generosity of JMH Development. The client gets to see prices beforehand, and if anything is not to his or her liking, Halpern and his employees will work relentlessly to secure a fair deal. Colleagues have applauded the small scale nature of the company, as other brokers often refuse to conduct trade with individual clients.

Jason Halpern

In addition to investment, Halpern has repeatedly stated his interest in Mike Tyson, African safaris, and NASCAR. As the chief representative for his business, he makes many appearances at these events and is quite open to the public about his whereabouts. Halpern will take any opportunity to raise awareness about New York property and why we should be concerned about its market. Note that he specializes in state projects; these endeavors are relevant on the state and governmental levels. When JMH Development is confronted with a monstrous order, they frequently consult state officials on limitations and regulations that they may encounter. Because Halpern always makes sure to stay within boundaries and gain approval before any action, he is well respect on the national level for being a moral individual. Unlike other contractors, he truly looks out for his clients and is prepared to defend them in any scenario.

A terrific example is a loft that was co-developed by Mitchell Hochberg’s Madden Real Estate Ventures. Before the project was finished, the two businessmen scouted out Miami Beach for any repercussions of the loft. By talking to local entrepreneurs about the exact location of the project, they were able to stabilize the economy even through such a huge expansion. As you can see, JMH Development is seeking to expand its ventures to a global scale by 2020. With startups in Thailand, Russia, and Portugal, it won’t be long before Halpern and his crew are visible in every region. In particular, they have much experience with coastal and rocky terrain. Many investors are unfamiliar with these dangerous areas and are reluctant to attempt such projects. With Halpern’s expertise in this industry, along with a firm that has millions of dollars in reserve, their funding is secure and trustworthy.