While you might never have thought that sunglasses would be just what you needed this winter, you might be lured to the dark side by a new release from the trendy American brand Rang & Bone. In collaboration with the French company Vuarnet, Rag & Bone has released four new styles of sunglasses that might have you salivating. Recently, sunglasses have garnered a bit of a bad reputation, because of several very expensive brands that are mostly worn to show off how much money you can afford to spend on a pair. These new styles, however, are not only (relatively) affordable, they’re designed to be eminently wearable in all types of settings.


The four newly released styles are already available in Rag & Bone’s sunglasses section, so you can pick them up just in time for Christmas, whether as a gift for someone special or as a special treat for yourself. If wearing sunglasses in the winter still seems silly to you, then pay close attention to how incredibly bright it can be outside on a clear day when there’s snow on the ground. Snow reflects light right back into your eyes, which means that clear winter days can actually be some of the brightest of the year. This is especially true if you spend time in the mountains or at ski lodges, where the bright snow can reflect so much sunlight that it’s almost blinding.