Susan McGalla; an American businesswoman, is one of the greatest consultants in Pittsburgh. She is the founder of P3 Executive consulting which offers credible insights and advice on business development, financial and marketing strategies. She has worked for many companies, and with her hard work and determination, she has held high positions in different companies. She has worked for American Eagle Outfitters, where she started her career.

Susan McGalla was born in Ohio, East Liverpool and she was raised with her two brothers. His father was a local football coach, and he made sure that Susan felt important as a girl child. This ensured that Susan grew Knowing very well she can handle any task that is before her no matter what. She knew very well she could express her ideas freely to any audience without fear. After completing high school education, Susan attained a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College.

With her determinations and hard work, Susan Got a chance to work at American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer for women clothes. While at the company, Susan worked in many managerial positions in the company until she was named the president of the company. She was very determined in her work, and she knew very well nothing could distract her from achieving her set objectives.

As the president of the American Eagle, Susan helped the company to launch many brands and develop an e-commerce site. This wasn’t easy, but she knew very well with passion and desire to be successful was very easy. She never looked down at herself, and at the back of her mind, she knew she had all that it takes to deliver and offer real leadership at American Eagle Outfitters.In 2012, Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting which provides marketing strategies and excellent fashion advice to corporate investors. The firm also offers financial advice at a retail level. With P3 Executive Consulting firm, Susan can educate many people who want to be successful as she is and she aims to see a society which is growing. She believes that women and men are equal and when both work together the society will be better.

Susan McGalla has worked very hard to earn what she has today, and she believes with passion and hard work nothing can prevent one from achieving any goals in life. This is why she has always advised women to take up her approach and attitude in their careers, and gender should not hinder them from developing.