Susan McGalla is a distinguished American businesswoman and corporate executive who is renowned for being one of the few women to hold senior management positions in several organizations. She currently serves as an executive consultant for Pittsburgh Steelers, a prominent American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she heads the creative designs and business strategy divisions. McGalla is recognized as one of the top consultants in marketing strategies and fashion promotions for corporations. Additionally, she offers financial consulting services to retailers in the fiscal industry. Susan is hard-working, zealous and a go-getter and these traits have seen her rise steadily to be one of the few female professionals to occupy top management positions that were conventionally reserved for men.


Susan McGalla graduated with a Business and Marketing degree from Mount Union College. She kicked off her career in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company where she worked hard and rose through the ranks to hold numerous managerial positions. She also headed several marketing campaigns and gained invaluable experience until her resignation in 1994. Susan joined American Eagle Outfitters where she worked for 15 years. She headed various departments, holding senior managerial roles and even served as the executive president before leaving the firm. During her tenure, McGalla made a tremendous impact on the growth of the fashion and design company, and by the time she left in 2009, she had launched more than 75 brands for kids and Aerie, the company’s intimate apparel. Susan served as the CEO of Wet Seals before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. She founded a private consulting firm named founded P3 Executive Consulting in 2013, through which she provided comprehensive consultative services in several areas such as finance, Branding, Marketing, product development and talent management among others. McGalla joined Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015, where she currently oversees the creative, marketing and business development departments, while actively taking part in the firm’s marketing campaigns such as the successful ‘wear what we wear’ campaign.

Women Empowerment

Susan McCalla has paved the way for many women to hold managerial posts in organizations. She believes in everyone getting an equal right to holding senior positions regardless of their age or gender. McGalla has managed to overcome the prejudice against women in leadership roles. She has been instrumental in weeding out the long history of women discrimination in the workplace by ensuring that companies adhere to the laws that prohibit female alienation. McGalla has severally encouraged women to take advantage of the anti-discrimination laws and go for top leadership roles in organizations, just as she herself has done.

Susan McGalla is immensely confident, intelligent, ethical and has a trustworthy reputation as an incorruptible leader. With creative entrepreneurship skills and extensive experience, she has a lot to offer in the business industry.