Diversity in the workplace results in more productivity. Statistically, a business which is gender sensitive performs up to 15% better than the ones that don’t. Susan McGalla strives to show women that they can balance both a career and family and be productive in both.

Regardless of the statistics of involving women in the workplaces, chances of incorporating the fair sex within the high pay grade are still dwindling. No matter how hard the women try to prove that they are worth good working positions they are still shortchanged by a dominant male workforce. Susan McGalla holds credit for the few women who are propelling themselves in the workforce as the enterprising woman always encourages the ladies to strive for more.

Although it was also not easy for her to excel in the workforce, her strong family which had male ties always helped her in working effectively with working with men.

Although Susan McGalla has managed to make it in various male-dominated fields, many women still find it difficult to break the ice and rise through the ranks. There is always a need for various women to form networks which will encourage other women to soar in various male-dominated fields.

Nevertheless, the fact that men fill almost three-quarters of the executive positions has been a huge deterrent to women from all walks of life. Therefore there is a need for mentorship and incentive programs to encourage women to excel in the executive positions.

About Susan Macgalla:

Susan McGalla is the Business Strategy and Creative Development Vice President of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She started her career at the American Eagle Outfitters and she managed to work with a male dominated workforce to higher ranks. She left the clothing company after she had made it to the president’s post. The hardworking woman started her own company called P3 Executive Consulting.

Her strong spirit has allowed her to work in the sports industry which is heavily infiltrated by men. In fact, Susan McGalla spearheaded the wear what we wear promotion. This clothing campaign was meant to persuade supporters to buy the Steeler gear.Susan McGalla attended the Mount Union College and she graduated with a BA in Business, Marketing.