Everyone wants to be free in today’s world, as it is one of the best feelings out there. It allows people to live without limits and to not have to second-guess themselves. It is why depression, anxiety, or any type of mental illness is such a bummer to so many people. It is more than a bummer, as it really damages someone’s life and it also has an impact on their family and friends. No one wins with mental illness and it goes after everyone, rich and poor. It is why the world needs Talkspace right now more than ever.

Talkspace is going to give the world a chance to have therapy over the telephone through text messages, videos, and phone calls. It is cheaper, easier, and it allows people to get the help they want to have that freedom. They don’t have to have the black cloud of depression hanging over them. It can be a thing of the past. They can have a conversation with their therapist, discuss some solutions and find out a way to defeat the illness and not let it dictate their life.

Make no mistake about it, it will take over someone’s life and it will put him or her in a very, very bad way. With getting help from a trained therapist, they find out what is the cause behind it and what they can do to make it better. It all begins with finding out the source and it is a process. There is no overnight fix, but there is a way to start moving in the direction of progress, which is what people with a mental illness are looking for at this point. They just want to know they are moving ahead and not standing in the same spot.