The mafia has covered all types of funny nicknames that could almost double as funny cat names. When it comes to mafia names, simple and popular names such as Joey just won’t make the cut! The mob bosses definitely aren’t messing around when coming up with these nicknames! This is easily seen in this list that clearly shows the creativity and imagination that goes into deciding what these names will be. A lot of the names don’t even resemble their birth given names in any way! Enjoy this list of the best and funniest mafia names!


  1. “Jo Bananas” Joseph Bonanno
  2. “Ice Pick Willie” Israel Alderman
  3. “Cock-Eyed Lou” Louis Fratto
  4. “Big Tuna” Tony Accardo
  5. “Johnny Sausage” John Barbato
  6. “Baby Shanks” Luigi Manocchio
  7. “Louie Bagels” Louis Daidone
  8. “Butterass” George DeCicco
  9. “Fingers” Frank Abbandando, Jr.
  10. “The Wizard of Odds” Donald Angelini
  11. “Tick-Tock” Albert Tannenbaum
  12. “Pistol Pete” Pete Rollack
  13. “Tommy Sneakers” Thomas Cacciopoli
  14. “Whack-Whack” Anthony Indelicato
  15. “Quack-Quack” Angelo Ruggiero
  16. “The Cigar” Carmine Galante
  17. “Greasy Thumb” Jake Guzik
  18. “Pat the Cat” Pasquale Spirito
  19. “Willie Potatoes” William Daddano, Sr.
  20. “Fat Pete” Peter Chiodo
  21. “Tommy Karate” Thomas Pitera
  22. “One Armed Ronnie” Ronnie Trucchio
  23. “Chee-Chee” Frank Demayo
  24. “Horseface” Peter Licavoli
  25. “Teets” Sam Battaglia
  26. “The Toupee” Thomas Bilotti
  27. “Charley Wagons” Carmine Fatico
  28. “Joe the Builder” Joseph Andriacchi
  29. “Bootsie” Antonio Tomasulo
  30. “The Owl” Alfred Polizzi
  31. “The Hump” Harry Riccobene
  32. “Socks” Joseph Lanza
  33. “The Clutch Hand” Giuseppe Morello