Omar Yunes is an accomplished Mexican entrepreneur known for his political interests. He recently won the accolade of the world’s best franchise for professionalizing the role of the franchise. Mr. Omar Yunes runs a restaurant chain in Mexico under the Sushi Itto brand, which is a Japanese restaurant franchise with a western twist. He has 13 operational units in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

Sushi Itto operates nearly 90 restaurant franchises in Mexico City alone. It also has a strong presence in South Africa, El Salvador, Panama City, and Honduras. The award of the world’s best franchise recognizes innovative achievements in restaurant chain world. The recognition contributes significantly to the growth of the franchising brand. It also boosts brand growth by motivating franchises to improve leadership, operational processes, and teamwork in line with brand’s policy. The accolade is a testament to the efforts put by Omar Yunes to grow Sushi Itto brand. Success is measured based on the growth of the network, cost saving in franchises, revenues, employee welfare, and awareness to improve brand growth and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes was awarded for his influence in changing the relationship between the brand and its franchises. Omar Yune’s award puts Mexico on the global map. It helps foster excellence in product offerings, hospitality, and customer service. Omar Yunes signed up with Sushi Itto at the age of 20 years. Over time, he has transformed his empire into one of the best restaurant franchise in Mexico. Each of Omar Yune’s franchises is valued at around five million pesos.

Omar Yunes leverages his in-depth understanding of Mexico’s dining scene to grow his ventures. His experience doing global businesses has helped him to transform his investment into the leading restaurant chain in Mexico. While his family is known for its interest in politics, Omar Yunes is famous for his success in business. Omar Yunes hopes to further grow his brand by adding more units to his franchise. He desires to become the owner of the top restaurant franchise in Mexico. Through Omar’s incredible leadership skills, his brand has developed an extensive business network and an executive board to implement the business strategies and more information click here.

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