Greg Secker is a respected entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist and master trader. Although he is only in his twenties, Secker is a multimillionaire who has been able to create some of the largest and most successful companies in England. His ventures are very popular in the country, and they have made him one of the wealthiest individuals in Europe. The successful businessman is very passionate about helping people who want to become entrepreneurs.


The respected philanthropist began his career several years ago at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. After working in this institution for a while, he was given an opportunity to work in the foreign exchange industry. The international speaker was instrumental in running a venture known as Virtual Trading Desk. The company is one of the first online forex trading platforms, and it allowed its clients to receive quotes coming from large foreign exchange transactions. By the time Greg was twenty-five years old, he had already done well. The entrepreneur was now working as the vice president of a company known as Mellon Financial Corporation. He was also part of Fortune 500.


Working with these two companies exposed Greg Secker to some of the best traders around the world. He could access some of the high-powered traders in the forex industries every day. Greg used the trading strategies he had acquired while working in the international trade industry, to succeed in his life.


After gaining a lot of wealth, Greg chose to retire from working at the Mellon Financial Corporation. By the time Greg Secker was 27, he had set up the trading floor for his businesses. He formed a company known as Learn to Trade, just three months after his retirement. Very many people have attended his trading workshops and seminars. During these seminars, people are educated about earning more money in the currency markets.


Greg Secker has also accomplished more as an international speaker. The businessman is called in several platforms in the media because of his expert opinions on the market. Greg has spoken in some of the best market channels in the world such as Bloomberg and CNBC.