Fashion has gone through a lot of changes. For the longest time, department stores have offered people enough to bring them into the store. However, fast fashion has taken over the industry. Department stores have slowly been declining in sales. However, things have even gone to a new low for department stores given that a lot of them are closing down. Macy’s and J.C. Penney has been closing some stores recently. Meanwhile, H&M and Zara may not have been closing stores, but they have slowed down on the growth because of the sales have been dropping off.


One of the reasons that fast fashion has been still taking off while department stores have started to falter is because they have always offered something new. Often times, the clothes that are being offered do not stick around very long. This brings a sense of urgency to customers that are hoping to buy something that they could enjoy for a while. To make things better, these clothes are sold at low prices. Therefore, people get to experience what they think is high fashion for a low price.


There is even further change that is expected to take over the fashion world. This change is internet based. Many people are turning to the internet for their fashion. Companies that are run from the internet are the future of fashion. However, there is a way for fast fashion to keep up with the changes. One thing they can do is increase the diversity of the products they offer and their way of selling items. Another thing they can do is give people incentives to visit their local stores.