James Dondero is the famous founding partner and the President of Highland Capital Management, which has been in operation since 1993. He is a philanthropy hero aiming at bringing positive changes to the people of Dallas. He has a vast experience in the credit and equity market. James selflessly offers his entrepreneurship and philanthropy skill to the entire Dallas community. As such, he has managed to partner with other organizations such as the Dallas Foundation successfully to promote the welfare programs in Dallas. Also, his charitable donations have enhanced the accessibility of quality education to many people. Besides, he has made significant contributions to non-profit institutions as well as charity events. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Furthermore, his company has managed to offer various award-winning products in the funding sector. James is actively involved in creating advanced credit-oriented solutions for businesses, institutions as well as retail investors globally. Apart from Highland Capital Management, he is also the chairman of other organizations including Next Point Residential Trust, Inc. and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc. among others. He also participates in board meetings of other agencies such as the MGM Holdings, Inc. Moreover, James is an active executive board member of an established Methodist University in Dallas. It is clear that Mr. James has actively supported development initiatives in the fields of public policies, education, and affairs concerning the Veterans. His organization offers unlimited scholarships and internship opportunities to undergraduate students all year round. James Dondero has also managed to establish an ultra-modern hut for particular educational displays as well as private events at the renowned Dallas Zoo. His welfare donations have continuously replenished the lives of people living in Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Therefore, it is evident that James has significantly transformed the living conditions of Dallas residents. He is the hero behind most charity events and organizations, all aimed at improving the welfare of the people. Mr. Dondero is a man with a generous heart. He has donated millions of money selflessly, even to private institutions and investors. Through Highland Capital Management, he has managed to give Dallas a new hope. James is doubtlessly an excellent source of inspiration to many people.

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