If you are a short woman, you know that not all fashionable clothing styles look great on you. Of course, that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has a different body type, and everyone should be proud of that body type that they possess.


With that being said, if you want to look just a little less dwarf-like, you might want to heed the following tips and tricks that are great for short girls.


Awesome fashion tips for petite women


  1. Go with a solid color when in doubt.


The first rule for short women in fashion is to go for a solid color when in doubt. Wearing one solid color will make you look slightly taller than you really are.


  1. Check out kids’ sizes.


This might sound crazy, but if you are small enough, you might be able to wear kids clothing. Many children who are in fourth or fifth grade actually end up being the same size as a lot of petite women who are fully grown. You can save money by buying children’s clothing, and you can get some great fitting styles that are super cute.


  1. Don’t wear skirts or dresses that go past the knee.


Skirts and dresses that hit right at the knee are okay, but if you are planning on wearing skirts or dresses that actually go down to the middle of the shin, this is a terrible idea. These skirts and dresses will make you look even shorter than you actually are.


  1. Learn how to sew.


And finally, if you don’t already know how to alter clothing and do a bit of hand sewing and sewing machine sewing, you need to learn. As a petite woman, it’s important that you know how to alter your clothing so that it fits you better.


Being short has some advantages, so don’t be too upset about your lot in life. Furthermore, if you can utilize all of these tips and learn a bit of sewing while you’re at it, you’ll be sure to create a wardrobe that fits you better and feels more comfortable.