For thousands of years the ancient writings of the Kabbalah were kept hidden from the people of the world because they were seen as among the most complex and difficult to deal with ever written. A series of Rabbi’s have adapted these writings throughout the 20th and 21st centuries in a bid to make them more accessible to every person looking for a new way of exploring the hidden workings of God figure; originally rooted in the Jewish faith the writings have now been adapted to suit followers of every religion and can be discovered with the aid of the globally recognized Kabbalah Centre.


The Kabbalah Centre opened its doors to the people of the world in 1984 when Rav Berg and his wife Karen decided to open their own home to those who wished to discover the secretive teachings of Kabbalah in Queens, New York; Rav Berg was a student of Rav Ashlag who had begun the process of adapting these scriptures that were handed from Adam to Abraham to Moses in a bid to bring their secrets to as many members of the Jewish faith as possible. Part of the adaptation of these writings was the decision to highlight the fact the God figure in the Kabbalah can relate to that of any belief system and opened up this scripture to the people of the world.


Known throughout the history of the Jewish religion students were traditionally turned away from discovering the secrets of Kabbalah as they were seen as being too complex for most to understand; in fact, only the most learned males over 40 were traditionally permitted to learn about these teachings. The Kabbalah Centre opened up the learning of these ancient teaching to all genders and age groups when the doors of the first Centre opened in 1984, and quickly spread to Canada where charitable religious status was granted to the group in 1988. Global capitals, such as London now host Kabbalah Centre buildings and the teachings are available in book form through the publishing arm of the Kabbalah Center.