If you plan on starting a garden this spring, one of the things that you will need to pay the most attention to is your fertilizer. Naturally, you can purchase fertilizer at your local home goods or gardening store. But many professional and amateur gardeners enjoy making their own fertilizer by composting.


What is composting?


Composting is the act of gathering all the trimmings from fruits and vegetables in your kitchen and decomposing them at a faster rate so that they turn into nitrogen rich soil for your garden.


How to start composting


If you’re interested in starting a compost pile at your home, it’s relatively easy to start. First, you need to designate a place for your compost pile. This should be a place that is easy to access in your kitchen. Furthermore, it should have a lid.


A large pot that you find a local thrift store can be a great compost for your kitchen. Remember that at first, your compost will smell, so you might want to put it in your garage or right outside your door. It should be easy to access, but you might not want to keep it in your kitchen.


You’ll need to start composting in phases. You can read more about creating layers of compost online, but as a general rule, you want to have three main layers of compost. They should all be added to a large barrel or wheelbarrow at different times. For example, you’ll put the first layer on top of the second only when the first layer has fully composted.


Once you have three layers of dense compost that has been turned and mixed, you can begin to put it on your garden as a great fertilizer for your vegetables or flowers. This is an excellent way to grow a beautiful garden, and it’s super environmentally friendly.