Richard Mishaan is the best among world’s best architects and designers. There is no denying that all upcoming and a majority of seasoned interior designers in the United States look up to Richard Mishaan Designs to guide them on where the industry is headed. The apartments and offices that the talented designer has designed are not only uniquely done but also possess a glowing beauty that leave many jaws dropped. His magical touch leaves art enthusiasts second guessing what the master of art will deliver next. Richard is based in New York but that doesn’t deter him from taking up jobs from across the country.


Mishaan’s Career

The early life of Richard Mishaan can be traced from two places: Columbia and Italy. The common thing between the two parts of the world is that they both are rich in beautiful and colorful sceneries. This contributed to Mishaan’s unmatched color taste that now defines his art. His love for art led him to Columbia University School of Architecture for a bachelor’s degree in architecture and later on to the New York University for his B.A degree and contact him.

To have his career on course, Richard Mishaan had to take up a job with Philip Johnson as an apprentice. His experience in this role made him realize the importance of emphasizing on quality in every project he undertakes. Having become an authority in the industry now, Richard has written a couple of books in which he details what it takes for one to get as far as he has managed. The two books in which Monacelli Press was the publisher are Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. Also in the book are explanations on how one can manage to come up with quality interior designs without having to cough huge amounts of money and resume him.



Richard Mishaan has worked on many projects in New York and beyond, the majority of which are lavish hotels. Some of the projects that Mishaan has worked on include the Shelborne Hotel and the Marriot AC, both located in South Beach. He offers his outstanding services through his company, Richard Mishaan design and more information click here.