When people look at fast fashion, one of the first names that often come to mind is H&M. People that have walked into the store will often find out why. One of the reasons that H&M is so popular is that it offers a lot of new styles. There is also a lot of difference between H&M and any other store that sells fashion. For instance, when people go to department stores and other retailers that sell clothes, they are going to find a few options for men. However, they are limited in the styles that are available. When a customer steps into H&M they are going to find a lot of different offers.


Abercrombie is faced with some challenges on how they can keep their business going. They could take some notes from H&M when it comes to the styles that are being offered. There is a lot of variety for both men and women. As s matter of fact, the diversity in men’s styles with H&M rival the women’s styles. H&M does have a lot of curiosity inducing items that are going to get people wanting to buy at least one item.


Fast fashion is selling greatly because people are looking for ways to save money. Also, the extra variety in styles does not hurt that much either. People can look at all of the fun fashions that are on the racks waiting to be picked up. Then one can rock the new styles that make others envious