Back pain is a big problem, and it affects millions around the world. Dr. Greg Finch, an orthopedic surgeon with Sunshine Coast Spine is now helping patients get back on their feet. As a doctor working with the muscoloskeletal system, Greg Finch knows how frustrating these injuries can be for the patient and the doctor.


Greg Finch’s goal is to make the proper assessment of every patient, so he can give the most accurate diagnosis possible. He believes it is his responsibility to make sure that he teaches his patients how to prevent disease and injury, as well as offer the most viable solution for each patient. Disorders of the muscoskeletal system include disorders of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even nerves.


Greg Finch currently serves patients at the Sunshine Coast Spine Hospital, a place specifically for those with chronic back injuries and spinal cord injuries as well. Some of the most common procedures he performs include arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder, as well as carpal tunnel release. These common injuries can certainly have a tremendous impact on one’s health as well as one’s mobility.


Although Greg Finch specializes in spine surgery he certainly uses his skills in these other areas. All of these surgeries are directed with minimally invasive techniques, with as little cutting and scarring as possible at the end of the procedure. Greg Finch is also known for having worked with some of the top surgeons in the world, focused on perfecting his surgical ability as well as his gaining an increase in new patients at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services.


Additionally, Dr. Finch works with those in pediatric trauma as well as those in need of other orthopedic surgery. Located in Australia, he has worked with doctors from the United States and is devoted to his patient base for better care.