Betsy Devos is highly optimistic regarding the schools currently available for private choice programs. There are currently approximately 250,000 students attending 33 schools with public funding in a total of seventeen states. In 2012 new programs were established in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Expansion occurred in Florida, credits, vouchers, and Arizona. In the five states polled educational choice was popular especially with the Latinos.


As public awareness grows people are realizing traditional schools are no longer succeeding. Individuals are now considering what were once considered radical reforms such as tax philanthropist, entrepreneur, and accounts for educational savings. Betsy Devos has been involved with the issue since she visited the Potter House with her husband Dick. They met parents who believed having their children in a school with a safe environment where they could learn was of the highest importance.

By the 1990’s Betsy Devos was on the boards for two educational charities for children and had been involved in politics for quite awhile. She devoted herself to educational reform and her success in Michigan in 2001 and 2002 was highly successful. This was when she became involved with the American Federation for Children and began educating the public regarding the need for educational choice. One of Betsy Devos’s largest successes was a tax credit scholarship program in Florida. The state currently has more than 50,000 students attending the school their family chose. There is a lot of support for programs with the public and policymakers that focus on educational choice. Major advances have additionally been seen in Indiana and Louisiana. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Betsy Devos is the 11th secretary of education for the United States. She has spent thirty years in education and is passionate about reforms to help underserved children. She worked as a mentor for at risk children for fifteen years and empowers parents regarding educational choice. She is working towards advancing equal opportunities for all children to receive the best education possible.

Betsy Devos has worked as the chairman for the Windquest Group, a firm specializing in investment management and enterprises. She has been a leader in the arena of education and served on the boards for numerous charities and civic organizations on both the local and national levels. This includes the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Kendall College of Art and Design, ArtPrize, Kids Hope USA and the Mars Hill Bible Church. Betsy Devos attended the Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She graduated and earned her a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her husband is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and community activist by the name of Dick Devos. The couple has four children and six grandchildren.