Omar Yunes won the contest representing the world’s best franchise. The contest was held in Italy and Omar won because of the brand that he represents. Omar Yunes is a manager for 13 units with a total number of 400 employees. The event was attended by representatives of many countries including Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico among many other countries.

Omar’s franchise won for how it is available to the society. The network the franchise provides was evaluated and the effect on the population ranked. Aspects such as how it has affected the population were evaluated and its contributions to the society were evaluated. The network was analyzed if it motivates its employees and the savings that have been collected so far from it discussed.

The other aspects such as how much the model charges and the improvements that have been recommended for the model were also analyzed. Omar won the award because of the change and discipline he has instilled at his institution. Omar has made a lot of changes on how the franchise relate to one another. Control panels were established to have a clearer value of values of the units that were being measured.

The Chief executive officer of the company regarded that the awards were given as a result of the hard work the employees had demonstrated in the company. The winners of the just concluded franchise will be Mexico’s franchise representatives in the finals that will take place in Italy.

The event recognizes the various brands of franchises, where the best of them is selected after the event. The event’s main objective is to reward characters that have demonstrated and proved excellent leadership skills, to reward various groups that have shown the importance of teamwork, implementing and innovating other different franchises that could be of great value to the country’s economy, and identify and stay committed to the main franchise.

The different individuals who participate in the concept promote various business ideas in the country. The first edition of this contest brought together about 34 franchises from which eight of them were chosen to represent the country. The event thereafter promoted unity among individuals in the various sectors who teamed up to make the event successful.