The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always incorporates an almost whimsical element to their catwalks. The show is never too over the top or gouache, it’s just what you’d expect from a televised event. Whatever their signature theme may be, it’ll always accompanied by those intricately designed and gorgeous custom wings. How do these models walk in their stilettos while adorning their heavy wings? It’s simple, they’re professionals and they know it. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier revealed that they would team up with the French designer and creative director extraordinaire, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, for their 2017 fashion show in Shanghai, China.

The collaboration was a success and his designs brought a whole new life to the runway extravaganza. The designer calls his collab with Victoria’s Secret simply “magic.” Olivier’s designs were a mixture of 80’s punk and metal, there were tons of pyramid studs, staples and safety pins strategically placed everywhere on coated leather jackets and chokers. Velvet thigh-high boots featured elegant corset-styled front lacing and vibrant graffiti spray-painted patterns. Olivier stated that the punk inspired theme was something very new to him. He regrouped his ideas from old Vogue editorials and various books to come up with his look for his Victoria’s Secret Shanghai debut. The pieces turned out amazing and upon first notice they looked very practical for everyday wear and evenings out. The mashup of the two had birthed some edgy lingerie as well, all of the Victoria’s Secret + Balmain collection went on sale back in November 2017.