Kabbalah Center is a dedicated and committed non-profit organization whose main purpose is to spread and teach the wisdom of Kabbalah to the people around the world. Started in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Kabbalah Center has now more than fifty locations around the globe. The institution strives to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah and Zohar to people across the world. They do by offering these teachings online, through DVDs and also availing books for the people. These teachings are meant to act as a source of direction for people on how they can make their lives better by using the wisdom to make better and informed decisions in their lives.

Kabbalah is not a religion by itself. More importantly, it does not claim to be better than any other religion. Instead, it supplements all others. It supplements the teachings of the Bible, Quran, and the teachings of Judaism and Buddhism for the people to further and better understanding the origin of the world and how they are expected to live in life. These teachings are based on Zohar, the sacred text and also of the founders of the great Kabbalists.

Kabbalah Center is strongly committed to giving and to enhancing positive change in the world. For that reason they have a Kabbalah Center Volunteer Program that is devoted to enhancing the change of oneself and also of the world as a whole. The program gives students an opportunity to exchange ideas and interact with one another. Through the interactions, they hope to touch lives by uplifting and encouraging one another. Also there are programs to help the needy in the society around. Other programs including ensuring a clean environment which includes cleaning up the beaches, taking care of homeless and the sick among others.

Kabbalah teachings are based on selflessness and helping one another. More so on accepting the presence of God. The Klippot concept encourages us to seek the connection that we have with the spiritual world which is bigger than we try to comprehend. We cannot change the world to a better place unless we understand what God wants of us and then help one another to reach our ultimate purpose.