Technology has profoundly revolutionized the way of life f many individuals and their various activities have been made easy through the use of unique machines. The health sector has not been left behind and is among the major fields that have profoundly benefited from the various innovations of the current technology. Dr. Imran Haque is among the health practitioners that have highly relied on the use of the modern technology to conduct their daily operations and has changed the way of life of many people through the various minor and major surgeries that he performs as well as his great techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Apart from beauty therapies, Imran Haque also carries out weight management operations, laser hair removal as well as diabetes management. He encourages people to observe good eating habits as a poor diet is one of the principal causes of diabetes. Besides, Imran Haque insists that proper physical exercises are critical to increasing the body’s metabolism which in turn increases its chances to produce enough insulin to prevent diabetes. Imran believes that diabetes can be easily controlled depending on the severity and also encourages individuals to observe all the guidelines provided to them by their medical practitioners on the best ways to manage diabetes and decrease its severity.

The North Carolina based doctor also highly specializes in internal medicine and has over the past year he has helped individuals with various medical conditions deal with their conditions. Imran has always been true to himself, and in cases where he thinks that a patient requires advanced medical attention, he always takes the initiative to link them with more experienced professionals specializing in their problem area. Imran’s dedication has seen him attract a vast number of clients who often visit him to address their medical issues as well as beauty related problems.