HOPE is a program under the UShealth, an organization that lets citizens choose the appropriate health coverage that fits their individual needs. The organization has over 50 years experience in offering health insurance to its wide range of customers. The group offers flexible, secure, and affordable health plans for individuals and their families. HOPE program is a mechanism through the organization has utilized to help others in the community.

The HOPE which stands for Helping Other People Daily began in 2010.The program was initiated by Troy McQuagge US Health who went on to become the group’s president and currently still manages the organization that has grown more than 10 times his initial size. The program involves corporation with other like-minded organization to create a positive influence in the lives of the people. An example of such collaboration is that of HOPE-Phoenix of New Orleans to help the victims of the Hurricane Katrina.

HOPE and PNOLA build homes for the victims in some of the most affected areas while also volunteering their manpower in the restoration efforts to provide sound and safe housing for the victims in New Orleans’ lower mid-city. In 2011, the program continued its projects in the affected areas providing supplies, baby formula, clothing, and shoes worth thousands of dollars to the victims of the disaster. According to the organization’s vice president in charge of sales, the board members do not end their meeting without discussing what to gives back to the society. The company believes that businesses should be more about people and not about commerce. Learn more at corporationwiki.com about Troy McQuagge US Health.

During a meeting of USHEALTH advisors in 2012, they decided to donate $ 25,000 to the HOPE kids Arizona support group. The support group that works closely with the community members tooffer assistance to both women and children with life-threatening conditions and cancer. When the HOPE kid opened another branch near North Texas, the program donated further $45,000 to the group.

The company’s HOPE mission is believed to emerge from the fact all organizations have their soft sides and UShealth have HOPE program as their soft side. The people at the organization made it their mission to help others who are in need anytime they can and in any way, they can. The company’s chief marketing officer states that serving and helping other people in the society is taken very seriously in the organization. The exercise forms part of the company’s corporate responsibility. The initiative of the main company to help others in the community spread faster to all its advisors agents in the field. Almost every agent decided to copy the company and conduct the same activities in their local neighborhoods. These agents look for people that need help in their community and engage with the main office to help the needy or if possible conduct the exercise on their own.

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