From being the CEO of the Year, Insurance in 2016 at the CEO World Awards and One Planet Awards to claiming the highly coveted award once again in 2017 at the CEO World Awards, Troy McQuagge’s 34-year career in the insurance industry has been marked with grit, grind and glory.


McQuagge’s life began and unraveled in Florida. This is where his academical and professional life started. He studied in the University of Central Florida and earned his bachelor’s degree. After his university education, he was able to secure a place in one of the largest insurance company in the United States. His success with that position got him a place in the student division of the aforementioned enterprise. His leadership skills and performance in the United Insurance Companies had begun to pave the way for an illustrious career ahead. Within just two years, he was given the honor to run the UCI Agency as its president in 1997.


In that particular position, he displayed the excellence in leadership that will eventually mark his whole career by achieving various records of yearly sales.


UICI was later bought over by private equity investors, HealthMarkets Inc. in 2005. Agency Marketing Group became the sales and marketing arm of HealthMarkets (HM). Troy was, however, retained because of his vast experience in the company and later made the president of Agency Marketing Group and Board Chairman of the two dedicated sales forces – UGA and Cornerstone America in September, 2005. He continued to display the excellence he had shown in previous leadership positions.


Some of the key indices of his excellence while he was running the Agency Marketing Group as its president include: Exceeding $ 1billion in annual sales volume; Receiving an award for the sales organization of the company, awarded by a highly recognized sales management magazine and Stevie Awards; the UICI/HM share price moving from an all-time low of $2.00 to more than $55.00 per share. He stayed on as president at Agency Marketing Group till 2008, finally leaving the company he had spent a total of 11 years and seven months of his life.


Troy McQuagge has always displayed expertise in strategic planning, product designing, and business development. His 34-year long career has seen him accumulate experiences in health insurance, sales, marketing, management, and leadership. To further highlight his leadership acumen, in the year 2010 he got a role as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Advisors. Troy McQuagge was immediately responsible for the strategic growth and profitability of the sales organization and went on to build it into the largest Captives sales organization in the “under 65” Health Insurance Market.


Since the year 2011, Troy has guided USHEALTH and helping them reach the most significant sales growth and an incredible achievement of immense revenue for five consecutive years. As a result, this group can boast of being a big enterprise that has presented exponential growth in every aspect studied for the years Troy has led the company.


The glory through awards and recognition have continued to pour in for Troy. In Feb. 2007, he started a period of recognition where he would be honored many times in the world’s premier business awards, this stage of his life started with him being a finalist in the aforementioned awards for an excellent hiring and recruiting program, but also for other categories in the Stevie Awards like: Insurance Sales Organization of the Year and Sales Turnaround of the Year. Shelton’s enterprise also received a recognition for Fastest Growing Company.


The following year the company under his leadership was awarded 2013 Bronze American Business Award – Most Innovative Company and the Fastest Growing Company in the U.S. and Canada. His company picked up the same award for the Fastest Growing Company at the Stevie Awards for two more years, Bronze Award in 2014 and Silver Award in 2015. His company was able to grab three more awards in 2015, which included the Field Sales Team, People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies and Bronze in the Stevie Awards for best Sales Growth Achievement.


The year 2016 was the year of accolades and glory for Troy; he was duly acknowledged for all his contributions to the insurance industry. His company, USHEALTH Group, Inc., was honored with Gold Stevie Award – Company of the Year, Insurance; Gold Award – Company of the Year (One Planet Awards); Gold Award – Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Financial, Insurance (Golden Bridge Awards) and other numerous awards. He was personally rewarded with Gold Award – Most Innovative CEO of the Year and CEO of the Year (CEO World Awards); Gold Award – chief executive officer of the Year (One Planet Awards)


This entrepreneur has continued to be a dynamic and driven Insurance and Sales Professional for the past 34 years achieving exceptional and unusual results in competitive environments including start-ups and high-growth companies. He has shown that he is a highly gifted and decisive leader capable of resolving multiple complex issues.


Troy McQuagge understands the role of people, his staff, and importantly, creating customer value in business which he acknowledges in his acceptance speeches at these awards. He gets involved in charitable donations and volunteer services for his community. Troy McQuagge has risen through the ranks through grit and grind to the highest level in the insurance industry. The present and continuous glory through accolades and awards have become the result of those diligent years in the industry, and his success story is still been written as he still serves as the President, CEO, and member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc., the roles he took up in July, 2014.