Ushealth Group Inc. Ceo and President TroyMcQuagge extended a challenge to business leaders at an event several years ago called HOPE. The acronym unfolds into Helping Other People Everyday, cleverly coined by the employees at Ushealth Advisors. Troy McQuagge worked as the leader of the distribution subsidiary at the time and had already enhanced the agency considerably, but he wanted to inspire others and create a wave of kindness.

HOPE became the daily mission of independent agents of Ushealth Advisors as hundreds of people have introduced the HOPE mission to their own community, spreading the efforts forward. At the start of HOPE, President and CEO Troy McQuagge USHealth joined with many other business leaders to help the distress in New Orleans after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. The party managed to raise money for the area and helped immensely with the rebuilding of the destroyed homes in the area of strongest impact. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

HOPE continued with the donation of 2011 to The Crisis Nursery. Baby formula, clothes, shoes, and other necessities were delivered by business leaders to the Crisis Nursery that covered the metropolitan area Phoenix-Scottsdale. The Crisis Nursery is a non-profit organization that cares for children and providing them with support and shelter.

The next year, Ushealth Advisors had an event in Phoenix, Arizona. To repay the city for its hospitality, they fulfilled HOPE by making a donation of 25 000 dollars to the local non-profit organization called HOPEKids Arizona, helping families with children with a life-threatening disease such as cancer. In 2013, the company donated another 45 000 dollars to the non-profit group, but this time the office in North Texas near the headquarters of the Ushealth Advisors.

When asked about the origins of HOPE, leaders at Ushealth Advisors talk about what they believe a business should do. At the company, people are a value and helping them is the mission. While helping clients is the primary focus of the corporation Ushealth Advisors has recognized that the company is capable of extending their help further.

President and CEO Troy McQuagge firmly believes in community. For him, a beneficial business does good beyond the office.