Many ways of tradition are being uprooted. Among the traditions that are being dealt with is the tradition of getting into the best entertainment industry. Old tradition had people getting into the industry by signing up with an agency. However, not all agencies were in the loop. Whenever they got listings for roles, these roles have already been filled. Therefore, a lot of clients have given up on the idea of ever actually getting a role as an actor. Some people have resorted to trying to set up a career through the internet with activities such as YouTube videos. Fortunately, there is something that is more effective than an agency.

This is where Nine9 enters in. Nine9 is more like an “unagency” because it is more effective at getting people the parts they are looking for. As a matter of fact, it is called Nine9 because 99% of clients get the roles they sign up for. This one thing that will attract many people that are interested in being a part of the entertainment industry. Another good thing is that a lot of the roles span throughout all forms of media. This includes television, cinemas, internet and any other form of entertainment.

Many clients find themselves getting involved in photo shoots. It is also common for clients to get roles in TV shows. These are not just bit parts and extras, they are recurring roles. Other roles people get are hosting parts for shows and pageants. Of course there are the fashion shows that clients get to be a part of when they sign up and get their pictures taken. With Nine9, the likelihood is greater. Clients will easily find a lot of roles within their area. They don’t have to travel to get to an audition. Also, the clients are treated with a lot of care while they are looking for work. Visit their Facebook page: Click here.