In recent years the best fashion accessory that rarely ceased to garner attention and possibly does increase a woman’s level of attractiveness is not something that can be purchased. Interested? It’s all about the butt. Some ladies are just born with it, others work for it, and the rest pay to get it. Butt lifts have quickly become a hot cosmetic procedure.

Although any licensed plastic surgeon can perform butt lifts or insert gluteal implants, the cost of the procedure varies greatly depending on which country it is performed in. People looking to get a bigger, Kardashian-worthy booty have flocked from all over the world to Brazil for a less expensive price tag and stunning results. The tides are beginning to turn with plastic surgery tourists heading to Brazil’s neighbor Venezuela for the same procedures for even less than what they would pay in Brazil. It is no secret that the country of Venezuela has experienced unrest for a number of reasons which has resulted in their currency, the bolivar, dropping in value. Tourists can bring money into an economy that could really use a boost and, eventually, increase jobs and better international relations.

The moral of the story is this. Butt lifts are happening all over the place. The price tag varies, the results likely vary as well. Some economies need tourism dollars more than others just like Venezuela does. A bit of advice for those considering international plastic surgery tourism. A vacation plus a highly desired procedure might sound amazing, especially if it is at a bargain rate, but do some research first. Check out credentials, read patient reviews, and ensure the surgeon is fully licensed and accredited to avoid any potential problems. People can support a different economy while taking care of health and safety concerns first.