Long have we watched members of the British royal family with an almost inexplicable fascination. We watch as they parade in elegant garments, attend royal events, and engage their adoring public. This kind of dedicated curiosity has made the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle a serious point of interest. Even right down to what, or rather who, the bride will be wearing as she walks down the regal aisle.

The ever-so lovely Ms. Markle has already proven to have a graceful way of updating the traditionalism of royal fashion. So, it is difficult to know exactly what fashion choice she will end up making for the big day. That certainly hasn’t stopped people from speculating, however. Meghan, herself, has only spoken in vague terms, saying that she plans for “simple and classic”, and that she prefers “dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic”. Some have speculated that Erdem might be her choice, due to the whimsical design elements. Others speculate that she will lean toward the more simplistic stylings of British designer, Antonio Berardi. There is also some questions circulating as to whether the royal bride will go a more traditional route and opt for designer Emilia Wickstead, who also happens to be one of the favoured designers of Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge).

Whatever the choice ends up being for the dress itself, it is almost guranteed that the stylish and classy Meghan Markle will look fantastic in it! Any dress she chooses will go flawlessly with that charmingly infectious smile of hers. Her modern twist on royalty is sure not to disappoint those of us hopelessly infatuated with the upcoming ceremony.