What are the new looks for summer? We have them all for you right here!


The Top New Looks for Summer Fashion


  1. Embroidery


The first trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of for summer is embroidery. This is a classic type of stitch that goes back centuries, and it was especially popular in the 1970s. You’re going to see it at all of the most popular fashion stores from the highest end department stores to the most basic shops. The great thing about embroidery is that it can be extremely colorful and loud or extremely soft and basic.


  1. Stiletto Heels


There once was a time when chunky heels and wedge heels were popular, and they now stiletto heels are popular. This is too bad for those of us who have trouble walking on high skinny heels, but we also love the fact that they are super feminine and beautiful on anyone’s legs! One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to take extra good care of your stiletto heels. They can easily be stripped and damaged after just one or two wears.


  1. Denim All Over


You probably think that denim is mostly reserved for jeans, but this summer, you’re going to see denim everywhere except on jeans. Okay, that might not be completely true. People are still going to be wearing jeans this summer.


With that being said, denim has become increasingly popular as a fabric for dresses, skirts, tops and even coats. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this lovely fabric this year, and don’t worry: it’s not going to be that thick, rough denim on these new summer styles. Much of the denim that we’ve been seeing on the summer runways is soft, light and comfortable against your skin.


  1. Short Shorts


The summer styles this year are truly taking it back to the 1960s and 70s when short shorts were super popular. The shorts this year aren’t just short. They’re really short, so get ready!


More summer styles can be found online, but these will get you started so that you can begin shopping for your new summer wardrobe.