Creativity is king when it comes to fashion. Customers like to feel like they are discovering something new and exciting when they go shopping. This is one of the reasons that they go to stores like Zara, and H&M. There was one store that was starting to show some signs of creativity. This store was known as Nordstrom. The off price store Nordstrom rack has also seen some really interesting pieces of clothing for both men and women. However, recent years seemed to have shown a lack of creativity in the pieces they have offered. All of the unique pieces seemed to have gone back to fast fashion stores.


As of right now Nordstrom is planning on going private. When they have made that announcement, the prices of stocks have soared. However, Nordstrom has not been fairing very well in sales. Also, they have been opening more off price stores lately. One thing that is needed is a rethinking of strategy. One of the best things Nordstrom could do is optimize its online business model so that it can gain some more sales. Another thing they can do is experiment with new styles so that they can attract more customers.


In a world of fast fashion and people exploring new styles, department stores are taking a huge loss partially because of their limited ability to branch out into something new. Even men’s fashion is ready for some changes as it is seen with fast fashion companies. This is the era of self expression, and fashion is doing everything it can to cater to it.