Health and wellness are at the heart of every medical practitioner. Doctors such as Imran Haque understand that health and wellness determine the performance of an individual in other areas of life. For many years, doctors have assisted people to attain their health goals.

Being a doctor requires full commitment from a person. Dr. Imran Haque had to attend the medical school of Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) for many years. Before he could breathe, he had to attend the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Immediately he graduated, he had to be licensed before he could start assisting patients. With over 15 years of experience, the internist has to constantly prove to the US Maintenance of Certification Program that he is qualified to do his job.

Dr. Imran Haque is based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He founded Horizon Internal Medicine with a philosophy that health and life of a patient are above monetary gains or any other forms of human desires. Many residents of Asheboro visit Horizon Internal Medicine with ailments such as diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia where they are diagnosed and treated by Dr. Imran Haque. The clinic also offers auxiliary services; for example, clients willing to shed off some weight, have their skin reconditioned, in need of physical examination, or laser hair removal and other auxiliary services are at home in Horizon Internal Medicine.

What makes Dr. Imran Haque stand out? Dr. Imran Haque is a professional but also a friend to many of his patients. With his many years in the medical field, the internist established that a good doctor-patient relationship is important in the patient’s recovery journey. A warm, welcoming environment makes patients feel at home, and it is the first step in treating them. Since he founded Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque has received many patients who are happy with his services.