Women empowerment and their equal participation in every field is a long cherished dream yet to make a reality. There are many constraints which are making roadblocks in the ultimate victory towards that, and there are issues such as unequal pay, lack of women in the director boards of the firms, and inequality visibly seen in every field. Though there are steps taken by the governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve the presence and opportunities for the women, there are yet to see significant results for those efforts. There are some exceptions which can be mainly observed in business and corporate field in the recent years, and women are getting increased access and relatively better opportunities.

Interestingly, some women capture the space with their charisma and leadership skills, though there are very limited opportunities have given to them. One example for this is Susan McGalla, who made immense success in the corporate world as well as entrepreneurship. Susan showed inborn skills of leadership, hard work, versatility, confidence, passion, and greater networking to achieve the career goals flawlessly. She is considered to be a role model for every woman considering she tasted success by taking each step in her ladder by fighting odds to reach the top of it. Rightly, she understands nothing is given on silver plate or by luck, and only her dedicated work and passion give her results that she wanted to showcase. McGalla identified her potential well and understood about the important traits that could make her extraordinary in her early age itself.

Susan is the founder of a consulting firm called P3 Executive Consulting, which focuses on giving advice and strategies in five industries mainly, and that are aerospace, automotive, energy, telecommunications, and public sector. She is also the Director of The Pittsburgh Steelers, a well-known American football team, with responsibilities from growth to strategic planning. McGalla has deep expertise in clothing and other retail sectors along with finance and other end-to-end processes including marketing, branding, product merchandising, and talent management. Susan started her career with Joseph Horne Company in 1986 and continued with the firm for the next eight years and moved to American Eagle Outfitters. During the period she worked hard to ensure the work ethics, and this made her be chosen as the Chief Marketing Officer and President of the firm. Later, she left the job and became an independent consultant to give services to retail and financial industries. She joined Wet Seal as the CEO of the firm in 2011.