Hawkers is a Spanish-based company that specializes in selling stylish sunglasses online all over the globe. Initially, the company was called Saldum and involved selling second-hand merchandise using an online platform. After failing to make profits in the business, the brothers decided to sell sunglasses online to finance a more tech vision. However, with time the sunglasses business changed from being a side hustle to the core business.

From a mere $300, Hawkers ballooned to become an industry leader within a short period. However, in 2016 the company began experiencing financial challenges despite making huge sales. Its expenditures were becoming too much compared to the earnings prompting the founders to shut down the company.

During this period, Alex invited his friend and a high profiling entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to help save the sinking company. Alejandro Betancourt would later prove his entrepreneurial masculinity by using his instincts and skills to help the company get back to its track. He encouraged the employees never to quit trying, no matter how many times they fall.

Since bringing him in, Hawkers has made significant steps in growth. Alejandro Betancourt began with reinforcing the team by naming Nacho Puig as the head of the business. He also introduced new marketing strategies involving social media to reach more customers, which was not possible using traditional marketing methods.

Under his leadership, the Spanish company has made it a policy to reply to customers directly. A team of highly trained employees is always ready to handle an issue to avoid hurting the customers. Alejandro Betancourt understands that customers are the reason for a business, and without them, there is no business.

Today, the sunglasses company has continued to grow, employing over 200 employees in all its branches. They have also succeeded in opening new branches in different parts of the world like Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. Its revenues have increased from $300 to more than $1 million, thanks to Alejandro.