Citizen App is an amazing app that helps keep you safe by alerting you to the presence of dangerous scenarios such as storms, tornadoes, flash floods, crime scenes, and more. While the app is currently free, it has launched its first paid feature called Protect. In addition to the app’s base features such as getting info directly from the National Weather Service, and being able to post user updates, “Protect” allows you to get in contact with a Citizen safety agent.

A New Level of Safety

While at first glance the “Protect” program may simply seem like a paid version of emergency numbers like 911, there is much more to it. Each safety agent is trained to assess the situation and call the appropriate emergency service if necessary. This will help cut down on calls to emergency services that aren’t needed. On top of this, each agent will be able to create a public incident alert based on the information they receive and notify a person’s contacts.

Get Hired Security Personnel

One feature of Citizen App “Protect” that hasn’t been launched yet is the ability to summon trained security personnel to a situation. This is currently being tested in Los Angeles. While some people have expressed concerns about racial profiling, this is actually something that the security personnel is specifically trained to avoid. In fact, each security agent must pass a four-week course that includes topics such as anti-racism awareness, bias prevention, and how to deal with people who are mentally ill.

Protecting Yourself

Protect is currently very popular in its current form, and if tests go well, the ability to summon security personnel could become a way to resolve conflicts without the need to involve law enforcement. In any case, the Citizen App Protect is a great investment for those who are concerned for their safety, and/or the safety of their loved ones. Go to this page for more information.


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