Dr. Barry Lall is a successful entrepreneur in the hotel industry. However, he did not start out as a hotelier. He started as a doctor. Dr. Barry Lall comes from a humble background. He notes that his father moved the family to Zambia from Nyasaland, where he opened a clothing store. Barry used to work in the store at times. This was where his entrepreneurial dream was developed.

Barry Lall attended medical school and relocated to the United States, where he practiced medicine. He notes that he felt dissatisfied in this field of operation. Barry Lall came across an advertisement for a motel that was rundown. There and then, he saw the opportunity for a career change. His family backed him fully and supported him every step of the way.

Dr. Barry Lall went ahead to perform renovations to the motel and transform it into a destination of choice for guests. Also, he notes that he had to learn some skills along the way and also perform some tasks such as cleaning and driving guests to and from the airport.

As the years went by, Barry became successful in his venture and started his own company, Pinnacle Hotels USA. The entrepreneur notes that the skills he acquired while practicing medicine helped him in his journey as a hotelier.

He specializes in revitalizing hotels that are not doing so well due to reasons that can be changed. He notes that it is important to develop excellent communication skills and confidence in the hotel industry. These will greatly help you in your venture. He has time and again compared hotels to the human body.

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