Haiti has escalated political, and security crises for a long unusual history and currently requires much help to recover. The crisis caused by the president’s term ended in February 2020, but no new government was formed. It was attributed to dictatorship in Haiti; hence, the president ruled by decree. Global leader and human rights activist Georgette Mulheir came to Haiti in 2014, where she started to ensure the country has protection and support for the vulnerable in the country. 


Georgette Mulheir saw how the people in the country got their children trafficked and involved in slavery leading to fake orphanages. Documentation shows Haiti’s corruption inhibited the country, leading to government incompetence, raising the gang’s kidnapping, massacres and murders. The crimes go against human rights and mostly get aimed at the communities that oppose the government. Georgette Mulheir explains that crossroad was formed in Haiti through the partnership between the International Human Rights Clinic, Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Harvard Law School, Yare Law School, and other groups. 

The partnership aimed at bringing expatriates in the human rights, constitutional reforms, the rule of law, governability and economics. All this will help the Haitians to solve the human rights, political and current economic crisis. Global leader Georgette Mulheir retaliates that it gets difficult for one to understand the situation in Haiti by the international community. Some seem to support the current sitting president Moise who refused to step down after elections were conducted. As a result, human rights defender Georgette Mulheir states, the elections got stalled, and they abused the current constitution and ensured no formal authorities got formed, leading to too much corruption and abuse of human rights.