Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the media industry. He has experienced all levels of career growth which makes him one of the most successful. Most people know him through his former TV Company, Relatively media. He has made a reputation across the world as a celebrated Hollywood icon.

Ryan Kavanaugh came to the limelight in mid-2020 when the former President of the US, Donald Trump, vowed to burn TikTok. The leader cited security issues to the personal information of those who use the video App. The news came when the entrepreneur had procured Triller, one of the leading digital entertainment brands. At that time, he had over 26 million followers. The company had an asset value of about $130 million.

How Triller became the market leader

The news about the burn on TikTok fueled an abrupt growth to Triller when it registered the highest number of downloads in its APP among other brands. Even though TikTok endured the impact, Ryan Kavanaugh had made a name in the industry, becoming the most successful investor. Music celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne played a chief role in raising over $14 to support the company.

The burn on TikTok raised the value of Triller with a significant rise in users, who included digital marketers and influencers. The brand came to the same level as the world’s largest digital platforms in popularity. The company allowed Ryan Kavanaugh to bounce back to a successful career in the international entertainment industry.

Despite professional challenges, Ryan Kavanaugh remains one of the most influential entrepreneurs in his 40s. He invited persuasive influencers from TikTok on board to ignite the growth of his company. The strategy has seen millions of followers switch to Triller, making it superior in the world’s most competitive industry. The brand boasts of promoting international talents. Celebrities appreciating the existence of Triller include Marshmello, Eminem, and Alicia Keys, to mention a few.