Ryan Kavanaugh’s Company Relativity Media was a promising venture in Hollywood. The fast-talking Ryan promoted himself as a seer in Hollywood who would change the expectations and practices of the industry. However, in 2016, his nemesis had a good laugh when things took a wrong turn for the brash mogul. His company crashed after burning $100 million and getting declared bankrupt twice in two years.

Today, his old antagonists are not celebrating anymore as Ryan Kavanaugh seems to be rising from the ashes like a phoenix. His entry into the limelight was made evident in July 202, after a report from President Donald Trump indicated that he would ban the famous video app TikTok. Trump cited concerns about how the Chinese parent company intended to use the personal information gathered from over 800 million users.

For Triller, the report was like a fire alarm ringing through its offices in Los Angeles. Triller is a digital music and entertainment platform, and it is the second largest on the web. Ryan Kavanaugh recalls that Triller had 26 million users, and after the announcement, it became the most downloaded in 51 countries. Kavanaugh had purchased control of the firm with $28 million as a part of capital infusion. Though TlkTok survived the threat, Thriller gained awareness, more users, creators, and advisers. The company valued at $130 million in 2019 raised more money, and in six months, its value vaulted to 1.25 billion.

Ryan Kavanaugh acquired some of the top influencers from Tik Tok to help seed Triller’s growth, including Charli D’Amelio and Josh Richards. He uses perks such as rent-free living and leased automobiles to attract influencers. Triller is also developing a fast start towards bringing back tradition-bound boxing through the Triller’s Fight Club. The firm also reaches beyond the boxing audience with appearances from famous musicians and celebrities.

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